Claudia Nuzzo
Phographer, Co-founder

Claudia is a professional photographer with a Masters Degree in photojournalism earned at the Academy of Fine Art of Naples (Italy). She is an expert user and facilitator of Participatory Photography (PP) and Video (PV) techniques and has been involved in several projects as a facilitator in Italy, Ethiopia, Palestine and South America. She cooperates with different organizations and research projects that promote the use of photography and video to give voice to marginalized groups . In the last two years she has mostly worked with young people in schools and juvenile jails using visual participatory methodologies.

Luca Francesco Panico
Crative & Art Director, Co-founder

Luca has more than 15 years of experience in communication marketing and design. After earning a BSc in Sciences of Communication at UNISA, a BSc in Visual Designs and Communication at ISD of Naples and a MSc with a scholarship in Digital Marketing at CSCI, he started his professional experience across Italy and UK as Creative Art Director for well-known firms and as a developer of social projects. In 2008 he started working in participatory photo and video projects documenting the life of the gipsy community of Scampia (Naples). He is co-founder of - a social network able to create participatory video playlists.

Stefania Spanò

Stefania is an actress and a performer.She attended Master Michele Monetta’s 'Mime Corporeal School' and continued her studies in Biomechanical Masterclass Theatre with Gennadi Bogdanov. She has a degree in Modern Literature and Semiotics and works in schools as an Italian sign language interpreter and Communication Assistant for deaf children. She teaches acting to problematic groups as a way to facilitate communication and relationships, stimulating a personal and social change in the students.

International Scientific Abvisory Board

The international scientific board is composed of several professionals ranging from academics, researchers, intercultural mediators, and individuals with different types of expertise that complement each other. The responsibility of the scientific board is to address and support by means of critical evaluation, discussion and debate the activities carried out by the association. The members of the board are:

Elisa Bignante
Scientific Board Member

Senior Lecturer in political and economic geography at the department of cultures, politics and society at the University of Turin. She is an expert in the implementation of visual participatory methodologies and has gained experience in the field by working with marginalized communities in action-research activities.




Jay Mistry
Scientific Board Member

Professor in Environmental Geography in the Geography Department at Royal Holloway University of London, UK. Her particular interests include supporting local livelihoods and biodiversity conservation, local environmental governance, action research using participatory video and capacity building for natural resource management.



Andrea Berardi
Scientific Board Member

Senior Lecturer at The Open University, UK. He has more than 20 years’ experience in teaching, researching and building capacity for enabling sustainable communities. His work has engaged communities from the Borneo and Amazonian rainforests; the floodplains of the Mekong and the Guianas; the savannas of East Africa and Latin America; and the coastal regions of southern Italy and Wales. His main interests lie in facilitating grassroots approaches to ecological sustainability and social justice using an action learning process.